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A little bit of history

If you’ve ever been to my shop you’ll have seen all the box drawers that my soy wax melt bars are stored in. I have lots of them now, I travel all over the country to find them. I started off with just one of them when I first started this amazing journey in 2021. I had only created and perfected 12 different scented wax melt bars back then. I have over 150 now. I always wanted to call them something different to wax melt bars. Everyone used that name, I wanted to be different, to stand out. So I decided to call them whiffs. And the box drawer that held them became my name. Box of Whiffs was created in 2021 and I trademarked this name in 2022. My legacy.

Take it right back to the beginning. I started this journey during the quiet days of the pandemic. Taking this time to learn about processes, different waxes and different oils. I wanted to know what I was breathing in, what my children and grandchildren were breathing in. I practiced, practiced and practiced some more. I delivered locally to neighbours and family and friends. Always asking for honest opinions and taking feedback on board. After working in the medical field for so long before I loved the science behind the whole process. I enjoyed the fails as much as the wins, I learnt.

Move forward to 2022, the world opened up again. I decided to be brave and I opened my little shop in Farsley. My customer base grew, through the shop and through social media. My Whiffs were in so many homes now and they brought a lot of people together, people loved to smell, smells take you to good places. And each of my drawers had whiff pots in them, where you could smell before you bought. I had created a very unique experience. I found, we all love to whiff.

I use soy wax and top quality fragrance oils to create my whiffs. I bag them in biodegradable and compostable glassine bags. My candle jars and diffuser jars are all refillable. I hate waste and I hate not reusing beautiful things. I wrap and bag in recycled Kraft paper too. I’m very aware of my footprint, and how I can impact.

Let’s move to now, 2024. I’m about to double the size of my shop and open a manufacturing factory. I still make alone. I’m scared to share my secrets, but I imagine and hope that by the next update I’ll have found someone to help me, that I can trust to share and not to steal. Whiffs has been my medicine. It has taught me that it is never too late to change your path. That the love and support of customers will carry your dreams to the next level. I hope this hand on heart story will show you me. And that even without visiting the shop, you are still part of the journey.

Thank you for being my custofriends

Lots of love

Ali x

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